About Us:
Your Local Small Batch Roaster
Est. Nov. 9, 2009

The Middle Fork Roasters story begins with quality beans and a passion for great coffee. Simply put, we love coffee. That’s why we use only the finest, freshest ingredients, without exception, and roast them in small batches. Our coffee boasts only the richest, fullest, and most flavorful aromas. Our pledge is simple: we sell the best coffee we know how to make.

When you buy local, you connect with people, and fuel their passions. We understood from our humble start that without people you have nothing...but with people, you have something much greater than coffee itself.

As a company we are devoted to our customers and partners. We believe that although coffee by itself is delicious, it’s even better with people. We are committed to strong, long-lasting relationships that build a better tomorrow. We are confident in declaring that MFR is the most approachable coffee company in the world.

Based in Seattle, WA, we roast in the heart of the world's coffee culture. Here, we are committed to building and serving our community in a sustainable way.

As we meet customers in farmer’s markets and stores, we view each relationship as a valued partnership with the potential to create positive impact. Each bag represents a commitment to fair trade employment and strong communities through the use of local and independent producers. Additionally, each bag provides our customers with delicious, hand-roasted coffee to savor or share.

Our commitment to strengthening local flavor extends not only to companies but also to individual customers: we enjoy creating custom labels that celebrate unique needs and occasions.

There are a million reasons that we love this business, and it all starts with you in mind, the valued customer. Whether you want to give the perfect gift, drink the perfect cup, or tell the perfect story, we have the roast for you.

Whether bold and exotic or subtle and soothing is your thing, we have a blend that will perfectly compliment your taste. You won't be disappointed.

So come hang out with us and see for yourself what makes the heart beat in our business. Order some for home today and enjoy with friends and family

Matt Parrish & Macky McNish

"The powers of the mind are directly proportioned to the quantity of coffee you drink"
-Sir James Mackintosh